Meet Scott - A Father, A Professional, An outdoor enthusiast driven to succeed for his clients. A REALTOR®️, with "Real" Estate experience.

A breath of fresh air for one, if not THE, most important decision of your life.

As a father, Scott understands that living a life of integrity is a defining part of his daughter's life. With Scott's old school values, he takes his word as his bond; honour at the forefront of business and life.

Scott has over 30 years' experience in real estate with his background in construction management and real estate sales. From residential high-rise to custom luxury homes. Scott has been involved in all facets of the process; from breaking ground to completing the sale. 

Being in the Sea to Sky, first starting in 1993, has given Scott a clear understanding of where the communities have come from , and coupled with his experience background; where things are headed.

Scott was engaged in the management operations of numerous residential construction projects, including the largest condominium renovation in North America, (over one million square feet). Learning the business from the ground up, from labour jobs as a teen, to eventually the boardroom and on to full time sales as a Realtor®️.

Scott's love for his home in Squamish and the whole of the Sea to Sky have him in a state of constant gratitude for the experiences and opportunities that the area has had; and has to offer.

Whatever your real estate needs, Scott's years of experience will ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Purchase, Sale, Investment, Land Assembly, Development, First time home buyers, Luxury Homes, Luxury Real Estate Property, Commercial and more.

His career as a Trading Services Representative shines with this unparalleled background. Ultimate negotiation and marketing skills come from this revered past. Knowing real estate from the inside out and top to bottom, is a literal expression.  Having Scott represent you gives you a colossal advantage for your property, investment and real estate transactions. 

Experience abounds with Scott. Your peace of mind comes from having the right person work for you to find or sell your dream home, investment or property. Professionalism and attention to detail are the hallmark of Scott’s being, which he is proud, and honoured to extend to his clients.  Each and every undertaking for a client is unique. Whether you are in search of buying, or looking to sell, the perfect South facing luxury home on the side of a mountain, getting into the market for the first time, upsizing or down sizing;  Scott custom tailors his experience to meet the needs of each individual client, having them realize his excellence producing the results they desire. 

By working with Scott, he can simplify the process of purchasing or selling a property, investment or  home, ultimately saving you time, money and stress. That is what makes Scott the professional he is… taking care of business, taking care of you.

The reason why I am licensed with RE/MAX Masters in West Vancouver is one of strategy; as the group are the five-time top producing RE/MAX agents and offices Worldwide, I surround myself with the best. With this network I have access to the top of the top, and I have become to go to for Squamish. For Purchasing, I have been entrusted to take care of clients of the most decorated Agents in The Masters office, no small feat. I take great pride in this as the agents put their faith in me as I, in essence, am representing them as well as the clients they refer to me. When it comes to selling, I have direct access to a network of over 500 agents from the group alone. I HAVE EXPOSURE, YOU GET EXPOSURE. I as well have bought and sold in Vancouver East , Vancouver West, North Vancouver, West Vancouver , Whistler and Pemberton, I have the strength of far reaching contacts outside of the RE/MAX arena as well. My experience as a construction manager and realtor has me an expert in a wide ranging areas. My clients won't go with anyone else once they have worked with me. 


Greg A.
Scott helped me buy a house in the midst of the Squamish housing explosion. His knowledge of the market and especially that of construction and zoning particulars proved to give me a competitive advantage that left me feeling like the commission rate was well worth it. He is a rarity in his field, a true professional who is ambitious, but with solid ethics, and a lack of greed. Previous realtors I have used have pressured the sale or pushed the negotiations on me. With Scott he actually proposed lower beginning offers on each of the 4 offers we submitted. On 3 of them he even advised to take a pass. All of which were very smart moves due to him doing a fantastic job at digging up records, zoning laws, etc. Ended up with an absolute dream house for a ridiculous price. Due diligence is where this guy shines! Don't go with a realtor whos only qualification is talking the talk and being a salesperson, go with a qualified professional like Scott. Would go with him again in a heartbeat!

Vish-P K.
I would highly recommend Scott - he was instrumental in our search for a new home in Squamish. His knowledge of building/construction and the laws was extremely helpful. In our case there was also a need for further research into zoning and future developments in the area, and Scott really did his due diligence and thorough fact finding. We couldn't be happier with the services he provided, on top of his lovely personality and direct, no nonsense attitude. We would definitely use his services again in the future. Thank you Scott!!!

Emilie D.
Scott have been so helpful with the multiple projects we had. He sold our townhouse, he helped us buy a lot and then sold the new house we built on it. All of this, within a year. He truly knows how to deliver. One thing I really appreciate about working with Scott is that he will gives you updates every now and then. You know he is working hard for you, and that he gives his 100% on your project. He is very focus, and very knowledgeable in what he does. I trust him when it is time to close a deal, read the fine lines of the purchase/seller agreement, or anything related to the sell or buying of a property. Scott has taken me serioulsy right from the beginning, and he have known how to read my expectations. I love the guy and will surely use him again. Thank you Scott, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Jamil B.
Scott helped me buy a house in East Vancouver. We spent the better part of a year first looking at townhomes and then later battling out bidding wars on homes.There are added bonuses when working with Scott that are rare among real estate agents:#1 he grew up in the world of construction - his father runs a large construction company in Toronto. When Scott walks into a house he looks at things that I was not looking at (like the condition of the ceiling). He can quickly identify red flags as well as identify a well built house. Further, if you are planning a reno, Scott can help you think through what you should budget for#2 Scott is a tough negotiator. Scott is analytical and uses numbers to back up his offer. In all instances our offers were treated respectfully because they were backed-up with firm data. Also, I always understood where my offer was relative to what was currently going on in the market.#3 Scott truly cares for your interests and is looking to build a relationship for the long term. In my case, this included steering me away from offers that were not in my best interest even though there was a deal that Scott could easily close on. I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

Paul R.
Buying our home in Squamish was getting difficult but once we talked to Scott he made us feel comfortable and ready to make our purchase. Scott met us at open houses and was very knowledgable in the area and build of each home. Once we picked our future home Scott worked hard and was very transparent with every step. We are very happy and fortunate to have Scott represent us. Thanks Scottty

Xiumei Z.
Scott helped me to buy my first house in North Vancouver. He is super honest and knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier with the experience.

Lani G.
Scott helped me get into my first purchase here in Squamish and I would love to work with him again to find something else suitable for myself this year. He was very personable, very professional and very understanding of my unique situation and has become a friend of mine as well. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to find a home or make an investment in Squamish real estate.

Lakhbir S.
Scott is very helpful and true professional with lots of experience. He helped me and my brother to buy a townhouse last year in Squamish. Thank you Scott for all your help!

Adeel S.
I found Scott very thorough & meticulous in helping us narrow down on the right property. Great negotiating skills and knowledge of the area made it a breeze. I still have some of his mails from the negotiations process, full of in-depth research and knows what he is talking about. Thanks for your help Scott.

Gareth P.
Scott helped me buy my first place. An upscale single bedroom in North Van that i would have originally thought was out of my budget but he bargained hard for me and got a closing deal for me that was great. He and his team worked tirelessly day nights and weekends to help me close the deal. He was very knowledgeable and low pressure for a first time buyer to deal with!

Mike M.
We purchased a home in the Highlands through Scott. At the time we lived outside Squamish. Scott was extremely knowledgeable as well as helpful finding our new home.

Mark S.
Scott helped me buy my first home in Squamish this summer. He was honest, educated on real estate in the area, and very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Scott if you're buying in the Sea to Sky Region.

Christine Bart-S.
Excellent experience purchasing our home through Scott Todd Real Estate. Thanks again Scott, we will always be grateful for both your kindness and the professional service we received.