5 Tips for Showing Your Home

The “For Sale” sign is up. You’ve completed the big projects and the little tweaks, so you’re hopeful your efforts will pay off with a quick and profitable offer. But now comes the most critical part of the home-selling cycle: a showing or an open house. Before opening the door to potential buyers think about the following tips! 

These tips for showing your home can make it sell faster

 1. Detach and Declutter. Home experts agree the first and most important step to a successful listing is to emotionally separate from the house and the objects within it. Letting go of the emotional connections to the items inside the home will make you more objective about any necessary changes and more open to Realtor and buyer feedback. 

Foyer tables, fireplace mantels and refrigerator doors are popular display spots for loads of personal items like holiday cards, children’s artwork, pictures and trophies. Pare down or clear off these spots for showings.

2. Make sure it looks clean. Cleaning seems so obvious, but the lack of it is one of the biggest complaints agents seem to hear. Do the big scrub leading up to open-house day: carpets steamed, floors mopped, windows wiped, appliances scoured. Don’t overlook little details like crumbs on the table from breakfast, toothpaste remnants in sinks, half-full trash cans on display and dust bunnies in rooms you don’t frequent. 

Do a quick walk-through with a duster, reaching into recessed lights and corners. Straighten the bedspreads in all the rooms, put away loose shoes in hallways and tuck away pet beds and bowls.  Wipe down surfaces that people would naturally touch, such as stair banisters, handrails and items that have inviting textures. People love touching things!

3. Make sure it smells clean too. Apart from a home’s visual appeal, nothing triggers more comments than scents. Diffuse cooking, pet and musty odors by airing out the home with open windows or air purifiers. Comforting smells, like baking bread or brewing coffee, can be appealing to most potential buyers. 

But beware of strong spray scents, candles or other products. Pet foods, toys, litter boxes and blankets may have distinct smells. Stow these items or take them out of the house during showings.

4. Remove sight-line impairments. Eliminate items such as knickknacks, toys, small appliances and bath products that stop the eye, or worse, make spaces look smaller. Though many rugs add warmth and color, consider rolling them up if they break up a room disjointedly or if they obscure attractive selling points like stunning hardwood floors or beautiful tile work. 

Have bins or baskets on hand to clear off counter tops, floors, tables and desks. Store tablecloths and dish towels to accentuate a kitchen’s workspace and appliances. Kitchens look bigger if your eye does not stop at the dishtowel on the oven, dishwasher and sink.

5. Light and Ambience. No matter what time of day or year, the home’s temperature, lighting and noise levels should be just right during a showing. Room temperatures should be not too hot and not too cold. Blinds, shades and drapes should be open, and lights should be on. Let in pleasant ambient sounds, from birds chirping outside to a soothing water feature. Calming music in the background, high enough to hear but low enough to not overwhelm.

If you have any question on selling your home, please contact me, Scott W Todd.