5 Tips for Selling Your North Vancouver Home

The popularity of the City of North Vancouver has grown exponentially in the last years. When thinking about selling your home on the North Shore you may want to think about how your home can stand out from others in the area. The following tips can help you make sure your house is the next one sold on the block.
  1. Curb Appeal is Key!
Many Buyers and even real estate agents will drive by a property and judge it by its exterior. Home exterior is very important. If you are selling a house, paint the exterior if necessary. Also, spruce up the landscaping. You can plant a few flowers, trim trees, take out unattractive plantings or re-sod the grass. Landscaping is relatively inexpensive and can give a property a newer, more modern look quickly If time is a factor, put a fresh coat of paint on your front door, wash your windows, and de-clutter the outside of your home.
2. Make it look like a Model Home Homes that are nicely decorated and stylishly furnished will sell faster. Sellers in-the-know have their homes "staged for sale" to yield top dollar. Staging companies offer a range of services from rearranging your furniture, to totally decorating a property with designer furniture and accessories. If you want to try to stage your home yourself, start by taking out all of the clutter. Rooms should appear open and airy with minimal furniture and stylish accessories. Properly staging a vacant home demonstrates its floor plan can be "lived in."
3. Remove the Clutter This is an important, yet time-consuming step. Almost everybody has clutter. It can include treasures from trips, collections of items, stacks of papers, extra toys, kitchen countertop appliances and excess furniture. Clutter distracts Buyers and may even make the house look smaller. For the sales period, try to remove all of the "clutter" items that you can live without. Remember, once you move to your new home, you can put them all out again.
4. Cleanliness Matters Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home. Have your home squeaky clean at all times! If you can't clean it yourself, hire someone or even a crew for an initial, thorough cleaning. After that, make sure the beds are always made, the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and any pet odors are eliminated.
5.  Let There Be Light! Parts of North Vancouver can be quite dark in the Fall and Winter months. Open up the curtains and blinds for prospective Buyers so they may seen how light and bright the room can be. Show-off a spectacular view by removing any large pieces of furniture or heavy curtains that may be obstructing it. Also, have the windows cleaned! It really makes a difference. Not only will your home look brighter, it will enhance the view as well as signal to the Buyer that you take pride in your home's condition.