Bank of Canada just announced interest rate.

(January 18, 2017)

Bank of Canada holds interest rate, Trump risks being considered.. click picture for full story.

A Very Different Waterfront on its way Downtown- Squamish

(January 12, 2017)

Mamquam Blind Channel will soon be home to SiroccoThe Mamquam Blind Channel waterfront in downtown Squamish is set to get a major facelift. 
More details of the future Sirocco waterfront community planned for 38050 Loggers Lane were revealed Tuesday night as council OK’d the project’s development permit at the first special business council meeting of 2017.“It will be certainly a great asset to our... read more.

Foreign Buyers Coming Back? - Is Tyson getting back on his feet? 

(January 05, 2017)

details of home pictured:
I'm looking at this like a real tough pro boxer that will shake it off and come back swinging!  Tyson or Holyfield get knocked down by a random unexpected blow, what happens when they get back up? Chances are they are as strong as ever, and maybe even a little more aggressive?

So... When will the increased sales begin to take place... read more.