Luxury Real Estate in West Vancouver

(December 17, 2015)

The luxury real estate options in West Vancouver are abundant.  Choosing the perfect luxury home in the West Vancouver real estate market may be a harder choice than you think.  You may fall in a love with a few properties and then have to narrow down your options from there.

West Vancouver luxury real estate offers incredible views

Almost every home in West Vancouver has spectacular views of the Bur... read more.

Why Buying a Condo in a Ski Resort Can Be a Great Investment

(December 17, 2015)

The decision to invest in vacation real estate can be one with risk, but if you’re ready to take this type of step into the holiday home market, you might be wondering where to begin. While upcoming neighborhoods and growing towns may always be a place where investment is a viable idea, here are some reasons it might be time to consider a resort condo…especially in a ski area.

A Reliable Influx of... read more.

Buying a Home in a Ski Resort - Things to Consider

(December 08, 2015)

If you love being in the mountains in the winter and are an avid skier or snowboarder, chances are you have dealt with the struggles of booking a place to stay at your favorite ski resort. During the peak of the season, the cost and availability of lodging locations can be outrageous. Rather than dealing with the stress of finding a nice place to stay, more and more skiing enthusiasts are simply b... read more.