I'm moving to Vancouver, not what?

(December 18, 2015 )

Maybe a business opportunity has brought you to Vancouver and you are looking for the basic dos and dont guide to moving to Vancouver from another country.  Canadians generally have accepting natures, are open minded,  respectable of religion and political views and observe polite behaviours towards one another. 

This guides provides you with the real do and dont's to fitting into Canadian culture. Canadians want you to enjoy, appreciate, and cherish Canada as much as they do.

Be polite
Say please and thank you!  In general,  Canadians are polite.  Maximize your manners by acknowledging the courtesy of others when they hold the door for you and say thank you to them or a gracious smile is always appreciated.

Learn English
Take advantage of English language classes or ESL- English as a second language classes so that you can communicate better with the public.  Canadians appreciate that you are interested in adapting to Canadian culture.  An easy way to do this is learning English and making an effort to speak to Vancouverites. Plus it is an easy way to meet new friends.

Littering garbage is a big no-no in Canada.  The fines for littering in Canada can range from $100 to $1000 of dollars. Canadian authorities want residents to dispose of garbage through the necessary avenues via garbage cans or garbage dumps.  Dumping garbage on the side of the road is not acceptable in Canada.