3 things you must consider when buying luxury real estate Vancouver

(December 18, 2015 )

Are you new to the Canadian real estate market and wondering if you need anymore Vancouver real estate market information before you sign the final offer on your luxury property in Vancouver.  Experience matters when negotiating for Vancouver luxury homes. Knowing the local real estate trends can make or break your closing sale offer. 

Closing the final deal on a home is best negotiated with a professional, experienced, and local real estate agent.  Expert Vancouver real estate agent Scott W Todd offers his personal advice and local knowledge of tips to consider when buying a luxury real estate property in the current Vancouver real estate market. 


Tips for buying luxury real estate Vancouver

1. Choose a local Vancouver real estate agent that understands how Vancouver luxury homes are built.   The ability to pinpoint future obstacles in your design ideas or structural problems in a home is a skill that only a few real estate agents in Vancouver possess.

A realtor with “Real Experience” means that they have hands-on practical experience as a former builder and are currently a real estate investor.   An experienced real estate agent is well versed in the reality of real estate properties and can offer you solutions to structural, design, or material concerns. 

An experienced realtor will not just say something vague like: “oh you’ll just love this place"  They will back this statement up with practical reasons why the property fits your personal buying needs and offer you practical reasons why the property is a good investment on your part.

We posed a question to reputable Vancouver real estate agent, Scott W Todd;  How do you protect sellers and help them achieve accurate monetary value for their property?

Scott W Todd states: "I won't let important structural or architectural details slip through.  I understand how to highlight a home on its construction merits and negotiate for the most value in the selling price."

2. Understand that the weather and the lack of sunshine in the winter will be on your mind when you live in Vancouver in the winter. If you are not sure what I am referring to the subject is sun inclination, zenith, or also known as azimuth.  You may not realize but Vancouver is nestled into a rain forest temperate climate. 

Newcomers to Vancouver may not be adjusted to the lack of sunshine that Vancouver experiences over the winter months.  Scott W Todd notes that sun exposure is important to most residents in Vancouver. The rise and set points of sun exposure change drastically from summer months to winter months at Vancouver's latitude.

Maximize your natural sun light hours year round with a local real estate agent that is looking out for your health as well as a good real estate investment.

3. Meeting the needs of the seller or buyer is essential to maintain a successful career as a real estate agent.  A buyer may have it in their mind that they will need to pay $10 million to acquire their dream home.  Sometimes a $5 million dollar home meets their goals and personal needs better. 

Scott, how can you best protect the interests of a potential buyer considering to buy a luxury home in Vancouver?

Scott states: "You can't fool me with building costs. Purchasing a property that is to be renovated is good to do with me as I understand zoning, real costs, and the investment perspective."

Learn more and view current luxury real estate Vancouver listings Scott W Todd offers a lifetime of construction experience to help you browse through the current luxury home properties available on the Vancouver market.