Top 2 house hunting apps for luxury homes Vancouver

(December 18, 2015 )

Some people love house hunting while others not so much.  It is an exciting adventure when you decide to buy a new home but it also can be time consuming. Technology continues to impress and amaze us with the diverse applications that continue to rise to meet demand.

Which apps work best for the Canadian real estate market?

You may find it hard to find quality Canadian house hunting apps that are ready to save you time and help you find your perfect dream home. Check out these useful apps to will help home buyers find the perfect luxury homes Vancouver. 

Save time house hunting luxury homes Vancouver created from the Canadian real estate associattion. This free app helps the Canadian real estate market and excited house hunters find and track possible housing choices.  The app is specifically designed for Canada and helps you connect to Canadian real estate agents.

Disadvantage: It was having some technical issues but the latest updates and consumer reviews have helped to create a better app for all future house hunters.

Canadian Mortgage by Bendigi Tech Inc. will helps connect you to a licensed mortgage broker and get pre-approved in record time.  With a hot housing market you can lose your dream home without mortgage pre approval.   Canadian mortgage helps you figure out how you can own the dream house that you found from your search efforts on

Canadian Mortgage is the #1 ranked mortgage app in Canada. 
Advantage:  This robust app is easy to use offering accurate mortgage calculations with consistent technical updates to keep this app running smoothly while you hunt for your home.

The perfect combination of apps to find luxury homes Vancouver

Bar none these are the best apps available on the market in 2015 to help you find your dream home.  The two go together like salt and pepper.  You simply can't have one without the other. Get pre approved quickly and then search the market for luxury homes Vancouver.   Evaluate the mortgage payments to help you calculate the most accurate payment schedule and avinterest rate options and confidently close the deal.

View current listings of luxury homes Vancouver or speak to professional and experienced real estate agent Scott W Todd about your dream home.